Property Manager

Property management can be complex and time-consuming. Organization and accessibility are essential to your success as a property manager. SimpleRent’s software offers a one-stop shop for all of your property management related needs without breaking the bank. Simplify your business with the ability to manage your units, residents and finances all on a single, integrated platform.

  • Receive and manage online payments
  • Maintain records of owner requests
  • Payment of bills or delegating payments expenditures including taxes, payroll, and maintenance
  • Investigate and settle property-related complaints and violations
  • Comply with applicable laws, regulations and codes


Owners are landlords. Owners can also be doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc. We understand that being a landlord might not be your primary endeavor and that time is your most valuable resource. We also recognize that while you may employ a property manager/management company, you desire to be up to date on your current investments. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that SimpleRent allows you to maintain a hands-on approach without sacrificing work-life balance.

  • Price your Home
  • Free listing
  • Reach more renters
  • Understand daily issues that may arise
  • Keep abreast of income and expenditures made on a property
  • Manage your property portfolio
  • Audit your property manager/property management company


Being a tenant is never ideal. After all, you don’t own the space in which you live but you still call it home. Have you paid rent? What about the late fee? Does your unit require maintenance…again? Does anyone remember the move out date? It’s complicated. We have all been tenants at some point in time. That is why we are happy to introduce a more simplistic solution to managing your stay—SimpleRent.

  • View the complete rental history
  • Place maintenance requests
  • Open communication between you and the property manager/owner
  • Know your contractual and legal rights and obligations

Why use SimpleRent?

Because you share in our appreciation for three foundational pillars: Simple, Flexible, Efficient.



Appliances require upkeep—it’s unavoidable. Submit service requests, track request status, and resolve issues quickly with SimpleRent’s maintenance portal.


Property Management is your business and it’s important to treat it as such. Track incoming/outgoing funds, generate statements, specify commissions, and execute manual or automated recurring payments all in one place.

Mass Upload

Tired of inputting properties one at a time? We were too. We’ve created a downloadable template that will allow you to import all of your properties with one simple action.


The dashboard allows you to have an all-encompassing snapshot of your properties at your fingertips at all times.

Tech Support

If you have an issue, please let us know! That’s why we’re here. You will be able to easily monitor support tickets from submission to resolution.




  • Manage up to 10 units at no charge!



  • For each additional unit over 10. (example: 12 units = $9.98/mo)

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